Become a Portfolio2 Artist

Become a Portfolio2 Artist | Qualifications

As a professional in the design industry (designer, illustrator, photographer, architect, etc.), you have created art for clients and commercial use—branding, promotions, advertising, packaging, environmental work, etc.

Yet beyond this, you may have a collection of amazingly beautiful art you’ve made “on the side” of your professional life—personal works that are perhaps piling up in your home or studio, on shelves and in flat files, not going anywhere.

They might be drawings, paintings, limited edition prints, sculpture, photography, ceramics, textiles, or some other artistic expression.

Regardless of medium, it is work you created without a client or commercial purpose—work that you’ve done just because you love to do it.

Portfolio2 Gallery would like to bring these treasure troves of art out into the world and make them available to the public for purchase!

Interested? Here’s What You Need To Do

  • If you have any questions, email us at
  • When you’re ready to be considered as an artist, either submit photos of 5 to 10 samples you’d like to sell through Portfolio2 (mail, or direct us to a website showcasing your personal work.
  • If your art is appropriate for inclusion on the site, we will send you the following:
    • Details on how Portfolio2 works, commission charges, shipping, etc.
    • An Artist’s Agreement to sign and return
    • An Artwork Specification form to complete for each piece
    • A brief Art/Artist Background sheet to fill out


If you have personal art you’ve created over the years, or are right now making new pieces outside of your professional design career, Portfolio2 Gallery is a great opportunity to get it out to the world instead of letting it gather dust in your studio!